Oracle vs. PeopleSoft The Former PowerPoint SlideDeck Developer reveals his story

In 2004 a phone call arrived from Vector capital through Craigslist requesting PowerPoint development 4 large slide deck.

In 2004 Pete Bennett was exploring Alamo First Ward, never expected a call like this without a background check.  During 2004 Bennett his truck exploded with him inside he was later nearly Beat to Death in his Danville house, the assailant was a Danville building inspector.

Before that during June his ABS system had been sabotage nearly killed on 680 very close call when the right front tire locked up and then it went up on two wheels in his 1995 Ford Explorer.

Oh yeah Bennett also was driving an F250 when his crankcase filled with accelerant a clear attempt on his life exploded into a ball of fire on 680.

Then a couple of months later a pipeline blew up in Walnut Creek November 2004 which was really the former owners of Enron and Southern Pacific.

And Pete Bennett lost Millions in the matter of Bennett versus Southern Pacific, the twenty-one-year-old witness from Contra Costa County doesn't appear anywhere.

That's because former Sheriff Rainey control the coroner's office and he that controls the body count can hide the bodies.

This officer lost his life investigating that explosion.

 this Alamo first member was killed a few months before officer Youngstrom just a week after the potentially devastating sniper attack on a substation by shot out by unknown suspects.

Attorney James S greenan representative KinderCare can be found on most legal sites.

His son went over the guardrail on Westbound 24 flipped over and he was killed but this is the same vehicle owned by my former divorce counsel Dax Craven former son-in-law of James greenan, mr. Craven was disbarred who misrepresented his client relationship the greenan family and failed to file custody orders when Bennett walked into the courtroom paperwork had not been filed as promised.

What Bennett lost in the courtroom in 1989 leads directly to Southern Pacific and also then-chairman Philip Anschutz.
Anschutz is likely very much involved in the cover-up of the murder of my witness.

Pete Bennett met Kobe Bryant in 1994 while he was in Walnut Creek dealing with a family business matter no need to say more but Pete Bennett also knows a family murdered in Pleasanton that played World Poker Tour and and their son is in jail for murder of the parents happens every day right.

The man holding the sword is standing next to the accused murderer in now in prison but he's holding the sword as described in the murder case after the murder case was over.

Pete Bennett once wore suits as of this writing he is homeless his Witnesses have been killed his family taken his family murdered who is linkage to murders in the Contra Costa Superior Court, a whole series of bad incidents between multiple agencies and Contra Costa County and other regions.