Oracle and Accenture another Dead CEO

During December 2013 Pete Bennett send a letter to Fremont Group in San Francisco
When discovering the attorney formerly at Southern Pacific somehow killed his witness in the matter of Bennett versus Southern Pacific.

This person is also one of the architects on the Defense of Marriage Act or Prop 8 and Pete Bennett happens to victims in several lbgt victims in the East Bay primarily Contra Costa, Pittsburgh, and several of victims in the Ghost Ship fire which is really just another real estate investment project.

Richard Stanford Kopf was employed at Southern Pacific from 1971 until the merger took over SP then under control with Philip Anschutz the billionaire out of Denver who is responsible for the murder of my witness the buck stops here and I point to the very top.

What was very odd was within 15 minutes on my LinkedIn profile which is currently shut down on LinkedIn was my former employer Symantec, my former contract at Wells Fargo each looked at my profile on one with somebody in the construction industry which is really Albert d. Seeno who was indicted under racketeering statutes for fraud.

With the recent lawsuit filed against Oracle regarding blacks not wanted is indicative of what I've gone through tossed out of Oracle world, arrested and jailed ever since I went on TV opposing oracle's extensive use of the Visas which is a national security ascending your data offshore such as foreclosure information bank records and medical records you can find the week and kill them off and take over their house.

A year after this picture was taken in Danville California my F250 exploded Bank of America programmer Kevin Flanagan committed suicide in Concord and then Pete Bennett was in the hospital dying of poison.

The most tragic part of Pete story is the murder of his friend who was about to become a better friend when she turned up dead in a murder-suicide but it's a mountain to b******* connected to the Kinder Morgan explosion litigation in Contra Costa County where members of the Contra Costa bar Association manage to clean up but nobody mentioned that operating engineer Joe Driscoll sister had been murdered his name is all over the pipeline safety reports.

In this judge's courtroom is litigation connecting Oracle vs PeopleSoft and Oracle vs Google and what this judge doesn't know is that people in there Oracle get killed, some of that leads to Salesforce, Apple HP pluralsight, PayPal, eBay, and a long list of venture capital and hedge funds with linkage into operation Varsity Blues or better known as the college bribery scandal.

This is Chris Wenzel, he has held positions as sergeant, lieutenant, captain and chief of Danville Police, commander of the Contra Costa County jail where my roommate was murdered David Bremer died and ugly death in a holding cell bring a suicide smock while eating bologna.


 the stunning part of this picture is Pete Bennett knows every victim either in person or by telephone.

To be a citizen to painfully watch your friends or contacts get picked off one by one.

At this point there are so many people did Pete Bennett went over to the San Francisco FBI offices only to be rejected at the front door explaining that call 1-800 FBI being told to call a voicemail system Bennett realized he was talking to a system controlled by the Israelis called nuance oh, you want to get rid of a victim or suspect intercepted at the voicemail and you've won.


Pete Bennett interviewed at Wells Fargo Bank in June of 2000. Bennett received a call in August via the manager requesting can you start right away revealing that the prior programmer jumped off the Bay Bridge oh, he was a soldier he committed suicide walking up a ramp and for some unknown reason the officers involved didn't bother getting San Francisco Fire Department involved and they simply watched him jump to his death.

Pete Bennett is pretty sure that he was working on the original Wells Fargo fraud project and this event was set up to discredit him because he was fired within 3 weeks for no reason and the manager was pretty upset with what happened but it was out of his hands as what I heard.


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