Bennett vs Southern Pacific and his

Pete Bennett the plaintiff in Bennett vs Southern Pacific was lied to in a courtroom back in 1989 represented by attorney Rob Galler of the firm Bennett & Johnson.

It turns out someone killed a key Witness in a parallel case that was merged together at the protest of my attorney suddenly Bennett vs Southern Pacific included Floyd Brown senior.

His son was killed in Concord in 1989 and he was the witness to each incident

Suddenly the near million dollar settlement died an ugly death when his attorney called saying they're ready to settle.

A few days later he said we settled for 57000 and I said I lost Millions what the f*** happened, then there was a court appearance where I was looking for by counsel and suddenly attorney Rick Bennett walked up and said I'm taking over your case I said who the hell are you.

I protest it to the judge and he immediately threatened me with sanctions.