The Unknown Murders near Oracle v. Google

 recently Pete Bennett was removed from Oracle world former founder of no more H1B went head-to-head with Oracle on PBS in 2007.

In-between that Dayton today tragedy after tragedy.

I'm Pete Bennett with friends in Florida killed in the 1970s which today Bennett suspect was a CIA operation running trucks into the United States Landing in Cape Coral Florida.

In 1975 Pete was in high school drag racing with his friends on Chiquita Parkway then one day his friends started getting killed.

People's rather perturbed in in his attempts to find work at Oracle World 2019 was immediately a ejected and sent packing already homeless desperate for a meal started taking pictures.

There's no question I was thrown out by Oracle security they asked me if I wanted to kill Larry Ellison I said no I want to find out how my friends are getting killed.

Mr. Ellison Shirley days was building databases for the CIA someplace around 1977 and Bennett appearing on TV regarding the H-1B visa crosshairs with sun Microsystems

Bennett today suspect Ellison the amdahl senior programmer working for the CIA developing databases for a clandestine operation known as Iran-Contra would be a prime candidate having inside information to make billions of dollars.

Why would you throw a homeless programmer out of Oracle Ward who's f****** hungry